Sep 27, 2011

snail cream on behalf review: Secret Key set

As previously mentioned, i could not adapt well with snail creams. As such, i've given away my set of Secret Key's snail products to a male friend of mine. He does not mind trying new products especially those from Korea.

So after a three~four month intensive nightly use, i've gotten his permission to ramble on his findings and results from Secret Key's snail set.

What he's been using:
Toner, Emulsion and Repairing Cream.

The set consists of snail mucus and EGF ingredients.

Alas, but i did not take before and after pictures of his skin if not i could post it up here.

The snail set worked great on him!!

I could see a clear visible difference. His skin is now not as "dirty" which means skin tone has evened out. He even looks "whiter" and more radiant. The best thing is, there is radiance. Radiance from skin becoming more elastic and resilient. He is in his early 30s and with such improved skin texture, i can say it is amazing!

Considering he only uses it at night and not even with the essence, he is getting good results from the set. He is not as keen as us ladies in putting on too many products on the face and this three step skin care routine is more than enough for him to handle. If he had the option, he'd much prefer a one-step skin care! haha, guys being guys. He also spreads it to his neck and eye area as he's not fan of having a different cream for that.

Well, snail creams do work after all. Maybe not for me, but it really works having seen the improved texture on my friend's skin. It's anti-aging and makes skin more firm and elastic, whitens and evens out skin tone, provides regenerative and repairing properties to enhance skin  texture. This is really good stuff! Oh ya, this one has EGF ingredients in it, not only snail mucin, so it must be this plus factor that helps skin improve so much.

 very affordable compared with many other snail creams. The whole full sized set of toner, emulsion and cream is about 40000 wons only. And it sure lasts. After three/four months of usage there is still a lot going. So it is economical and affordable.

Secret Key has since came up with a new gel-cream for those of us living in the tropical with humid hot weather:

And now has release an upgraded version of the snail cream: Prestige snail cream at 47000 wons!
Wow, the prestige version looks great. With the pictures of the changes and skin improvement at the bottom, i'm so tempted to try this!! Smooths out blotchiness and whitens skin, it even helps those nasty nasolabial folds!
Apparently this is in preparation for the upcoming cold winter weather in Korea so i guess it may be quite heavy. This is just released and a very new product so i could not find any reviews on this new upgraded prestige snail cream.

So what are you waiting for? go give secret key's snail products a go, you'll be in for a lovely surprise!

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