Sep 11, 2011

Gmarket haul 10

Belated Gmarket haul................ received nearing end of August............

Here we go. As usual, the EMS Korea Post cardboard box:

First off, i needed sheet masks, so i bought plenty.
Leaders - collagen wrinkle masks with 30% hydrolyzed collagen. Each box contains 4 pieces, so i had 8 pieces of these sheet masks in total.

Then i went to test out IOPE's whitegen clear mask. I bought 5 pieces of these in total, and had a free gift - beauty friends mask sheet.

So in total i had 8+5+1 = 14 pieces of mask sheets altogether. All spread in below, my entire mask sheet haul for the day:

I also bought some items for body> hair care, body care.

Hair care: Ryeo brand for hair loss - shampoo (left) and scalp care (right). These two i bought as a set. The scalp care is supposed to be used once a week for deep cleansing of oily scalp. The shampoo is anti-hairloss for oily scalp. Both smell very "herbal-ly" and i'm liking the strong herbal smell. It makes me feel like i'm using a lot of good nourishing herbs....

I also bought Happy Bath's rose essence bath cream. 900 ml large bottle, and states 90% natural ingredients. The cream is pink in colour and it smells heavenly. After a shower, i would smell of roses and my clothes would also smell of the roses!! Pretty strongly fragrant i would say but this strong scent does not bug me. In fact, i'm loving how it clothes my skin and shirts with the strong rose scent.

I like sidmool. So here's more from sidmool. This time i got a vitamin C serum. It claims to have 20% vitamin C with gold flakes and CoQ10 for anti-aging.

The full name is: Gold lift Mela Bye SVC20. Vitamin C serum is for whitening and this one has gold and CoQ10 to combat aging and impart skin with a glow!!

It comes in a brown bottle with a dropper for convenient use. The serum is gold in colour as can be seen below:

the serum is transparent gold and, i must mention this, it's pretty sticky! definitely not for those with oily skin.

More sample skin care: Ohui cell power no. 1 essence, history of whoo ginseng ampoule oil, History of whoo hwanyu essence, Hera Retinol LX.

Also bought sooryehan's pure whitening spot treatment to treat those nasty pigmentation spots! This is a 7ml tub. I like the texture!

It's an opaque white cream and to my surprise, it spreads so easily and leaves a nice a cooling minty feel on the skin. Unlike Whoo's whitening intensive which is a very thick paste balm that i find hard to spread and it somewhat clogged my pores.
I'm not sure of the efficacy of this though. I sure hope it works well as i'm loving the feel of it on my skin as compared to Whoo's.

Close up shot on Hwanyu Essence: 0.6ml in each small dish. Very little and oh-so-expensive. I'm just trying it out. It's way too expensive to upkeep. Not to mention very difficult to use in the dishes it comes in. Once opened, u can't close up the dish and the essence dries up and becomes hard to melt down. Very messy too.

Whoo's ginseng ampoule oil. Argh, the opening on the bottle was so huge i poured out a lot on my first usage and wasted so much! Very poor packaging.
First impression: not for me! it gave my skin redness and itchiness! i stopped using after the first trial.

Closer look at Hera's Retinol LX and Ohui's cell power no. 1 essence. I bought sample packs of them.

Texture of Hera's Retinol: It's a cream-like yellow paste. It spreads easily too.

Ohui's cell power no.1 essence: Very watery pinkish tint liquid. With the sachets, it gets messy as you try to control the amount poured out. Better off getting the bottled samples instead as it can be a waste each time pouring from the sachets. I must say, this is very very good stuff. It hydrates superbly. You can feel the immediate relief from dehydration upon the liquid touching your skin. Plumps up the skin nicely too. Love this!

Bought a Navy Blue tee for casual wear. The material is not very good. It feels hot and stuffy while wearing this tee. I thought it was the weather at first. then i started perspiring ........which felt strange because i was in a cool room with no sun. I quickly changed into my own cotton tee and wow, i feel my body could breathe. It was definitely the Gmarket Tee shirt making me feel so stuffy and sweaty inside. Not good at all.


  1. Hi!

    I see that you got a few IOPE goods, but don't seems to read much review on the product. How do you far their product? I'm looking at few of their product but still hesitating to make the purchase. So, wonder what do you feel about their pdt? Thanks!

  2. hi Xulyy, for IOPE i've only tried their sheet masks, so far so good for those.

  3. Hi,

    Ooh, I've always wanted to try korean haircare, do u happen to still have the link for the Ryeo shampoo for anti-hair loss, i have fine oily hair that's prone to breakage, hoping this will help stop the breaking and control oil. Thanks :)

  4. hi do you have the link of your seller for the sooryehan small sample tub that you purchased?

  5. hi couchpotato_md,
    i bought them before Gmarket stopped selling samples. The links i have are no longer working.