Sep 26, 2011

K drama rambling: 9 ends 2 outs

Warning: spoilers ahead!!

Starring: Soo Ae (female lead), Lee Jung Jin (male lead)
Broadcast period: 2007-Jul-14 to 2007-Sep-09

  • Lee jung Jin as Byun Hyung Tae
  • Soo Ae as Hong Nan Hee

What's it about?

 i thought the drama is about baseball, however, it's got nothing to do with baseball at all. It's more on the life of Nan Hee (throughout the entire drama, i hear "NaaNee" as the pronunciation), a female entering her 30s and still unmarried.
She's concerned and uptight about her being unmarried at that age. She feels her wrinkles are showing and that she is not attractive any longer. She is desperate to be hooked up and get married, not to mention the pressure her mother gives her, always nagging at her "singleness".
Although she has a so-called boyfriend whom she shares hot and wet kisses and naughty moments with, she feels highly insecure at their relationship. Her boyfriend is only in his early 20s while she is in her 30s already. Furthermore, there is the issue of age gap between them. On the one hand she wants this to be her last love and get married with him, on the other hand, she feels the age gap difference and winces at the difficulties and ridiculing from others.
Nan Hee tries hard to maintain this toy boy relationship having breaking up and reconciling a few times. They even reached the point of marriage and surpassed the difficulties of having to parental acceptance from either side. Buckets of tears pass...................... In the end, she gave up the relationship and resorted to being single.

Throughout, we have Hyung Tae standing by her side, encouraging and holding her hand all the way through. Hyung Tae is in his 30s too, but as a guy, there's no worries about age (how lucky for guys! really!!) He's her long time friend and they treat each other like buddies. They emphasized a no female-male relationship at all as they see each other as the same gender as themselves. They are such buddies with each other that they can share a bathroom while one does his business at the toilet bowl and the other continues brushing her teeth in nonchalance. that's how close and comfortable they are with each other.

However, the story goes on with a buried deep down secret love that both have for each other. They both actually have feelings for each other suppressed by their highly comfortable friendship. Both do not want to step out of their comfort zone with fear of losing the cherished friendship being the number one enemy.

So there you go, how did they overcome their fear to reach out to each other?

My thoughts:
It's enjoyable and funny. Those awkward moments when Hyung Tae and Nan Hee try to suppress their feelings for each other.
I find Hyung Tae pretty good as he is able to bring out his character and yes, there's chemistry with Nan Hee.

I first watched Lee Jung Jin in Fugitive Plan B and he did catch my eye there. Pretty natural acting. Hah, he was way more "meatier" in Fugitive Plan B and his face was round and round. In this drama, Lee Jung Jin is so thin in comparison. His face instead of round, is all sunken in with no meat. He looked long and lanky in here. I supposed he pumped himself up for the role in fugitive Plan B.
All in all, pretty good actor.

As for Soo Ae, i first watched her in Athena, and found her intriguing. Her beauty is not the typical one with those big large luminous eyes, tall slim nose. She has this natural beauty in her. Her features are not outstanding nor are they beautiful, but she has an air about her that makes her celeb quality.
However, in this drama, she lacked that beauty. Not sure why though, maybe it's her dressing/fashion sense that highly differs from that in Athena. She looked more drab here and her skin is not that good too.

Overall rating: 7/10

pretty good i would say, nice drama.


  1. What episode did they share bathroom together?

  2. what's the episode where they share bathroom together?