Oct 5, 2011

Gmarket haul 11

More skin care from gmarket! whoopee............ uncrushed, rather sturdy EMS parcel box:
Yup, this time the box was sturdy and kept all my goodies intact.

More Charmzone's NewCon cream, with 10 sample sachets.

I've been looking high and low for this type of cloth type headband with those velcro-like stick-on fasterners. So glad i found it on gmarket.

More from OHUI:
I'm done with my Hera Aquabolic range, so decided to go for OHUI now.

Cell Power No.1 essence in press down, non-messy 10ml tubes. I got 2 tubes this time.
The seller gave me a free gift which is the navy blue box on the right. I have no idea at all what it is as i can't read Korean at all. I guess it'll have to go into the bin.

I also got OHUI's newly launched call power no. 1 eye cream. Can't wait to try this out. Hopefully it'll improve those under-eye fine lines!

More Cell power no.1 essence in sachets. Messy as it'll be, still more economical to get it in sachets!

Ohuit's age recovery cell-lab wrinklephlamine for those pesky wrinkles!~

Ohui's hydra formula treatment ampoule777.

Comes in this glass-like tube 7ml with screw on dropper head. It also has labelled on the bottle volume to be used each day for up to 7 days.

Ohui's age recovery cell-lab cream. 2 tubs of 10ml.

A yellowish cream consistency. Easy to spread and feels lovely on the skin!

History of Whoo's HwanYu range:
Got more from the hwanyu range. In fact, the full range all with  essence, cream and eye cream. Here's the little black and sleek boxes embossed with whoo's gold label:

Taken out from the boxes are these smaller dishes each containing a measly 0.6ml of the precious hwanyu products.

Hwanyu Essence:

Hwanyu Cream:

HwanYu Eye cream: the only products that does not come in pairs. The essence and cream came in joint pairs.

I managed to extract some essence out into a transparent dish. The texture is like exotic cream-like serum with tons of gold specks in it. Very luxurious indeed!!

Snatched up some tub sized Hwanyu products. These tub sized items are so rare and hard to get on gmarket. You really need to act fast and quick once it becomes available because they get snatched up so quickly and it is only released in very limited quantities.

Pretty gold and purple tubs:

Here's a shot on the luxurious Hwanyu Cream. Beautiful texture isn't it?

The back of the boxes. The words are gold embossed. oh, it makes it feel so high class and all luxurious.

History of Whoo's infamous whitening range: Jinaek Program sample sachets.

It's a white cream! not at all like a serum, more like a cream:

Multi free gifts from the sellers:

I also bought a new sunscreen that contains EGF for anti-aging. BLP3 cell repair splendid magice sun Protect cream.
For all skin types. Composed of highly concentrated and active ingredients - EGF etc. Helps cellular enhancement and rejuvenation.

Comes in a slightly pink tone. And this suncream smells exactly like a suncream. Those banana boat coppertone suncreams, don't really fancy the scent. However, this proves to be a rather good sunscreen and i kind of like it. It creates a smooth canvas for makeup application and evens out skin tone nicely. It provides a soft matte finish, more for combination skin types. I 'll only use this on days my skin feels oilier or more normal as i tend to have drier dehydrated skin.

Ryeo's anti-hair loss shampoo set. 400ml+100ml set.

It's a thick syrup in brown colour. This stuff is potent and i tend to use very little of it the product as compared to normal shampoos. It foams up nicely and easily spreadable over the head.


  1. Very nice haul. May I know who did you buy your 10ml ohui cell power sample and tub sized Hwanyu? Have you try Ohui black serum? I heard a lot of good thing.

  2. Hi! You have such a great blog :)... I was wondering where you purchased the Hwanyugo Cream? Which seller... I've seen some around Gmarket, but don't know who to choose from ^.^


  3. hi kooslee,
    i am so sorry. my stuff and links are so messy and all over the place. I've tried searching but i couldn't find it.
    I'll try again and post it here if i find it.

    the hwanyu tub size is unavailable and sold out. U have to be very quick with these. the seller is:

    ohui black serum? does it have anti aging properties, i might try it soon.

  4. hello anonymous,
    hwanyugo cream is unavailable and sold out. You have to be really quick with it. Once it comes out you have to snatch it asap.

    keep a look out for it with the link i posted in the comment above :-)

  5. hello,
    the link for the ohui 10ml press pump bottle is no longer available. Not sure why but it's no longer available. i think it may be sold out.

  6. why did ohui cell power no.1 esence come in diff packaging than their normal bottle? i find that weird...
    I got a sample from my cosmetic person yesterday and ive been loving it! I want to get some through gmrkt too!
    nice post! :)

  7. i was wonder how can yu order sample stuff from gmarket like history of whoo i was stress to figure out how to order. thanks

  8. hi anon,
    got those samples before gmarket stopped selling samples. I am not sure if you can get them now.