Jul 16, 2011

Gmarket haul 9

It's time for another haul! hooray, i love hauls..

Crushed down EMS box:

Oww, this time the box is big . However, it has been heavily crushed.

Inside of the box:
Plenty of smaller packed boxes by the individual sellers.

More sooryehan products:

More sooryehan fermented vinegar essence, 3 mini bottles.
These have managed to help the problems in skin aging. Feels more moisturised, bouncy and plumped.
The other 3 sachets are gifts.

As i mentioned earlier in my snail cream review, i have not given up on snail creams. So i purchased the Graymelin Vintage, Smiley Tonight, Nutry Snail cream.

This was a steal! I got it for only 8900wons which is a big discount to its original price of between 17000~20000 wons.

It comes with a mini 5 piece trial kit.

Sample sized tubs: White Balance cream, Matt Pore Primer, Hydro skin cream, SMiley Tonight nutry snail cream, white balance waterful toner.

A closer look at the snail cream:

Comes in a glass tub with aluminium/steel screw cap. Pretty neat!
"Highly concentrated cream that contains mucus 70% of snail, it is deluxe repairing cream that protects your skin from getting dry or rough".
This contains other emollient ingredients for better moisturisation. Also contains some anti-aging ingredients such as centella asiatica.

The texture is a white gooey cream, typical of snail creams:

Sooryehan Hyo Fermented skin care sets of toner and emulsion:

10 sets of trial sets with toner and emulsion at 6ml each.

A closer look. Maroon bottles with gold caps:

Products from Charmzone, in particular, control creams:

NewCon cream, New Control Cream, Deage trial set, a large packet of NewCon samples.

NewCon cream:

"A product for maintaining a clean, balanced and lively skin."
This can be used daily and may even take the place of a peeling gel/exfoliator. It also helps in removing oil and sebum and other impurities from the pores of the skin. On top of that, it , moisturises. This is simply a multi functional product. I'm liking it so far.

A large bag of NewCon samples given by the seller:

Charmzone's New Control Cream:
Two tubes in a box: 200g + 50g. This works the same as the NewCon cream above. A multi functional cleansing/exfoliating/nourishing agent. However, i'm not really sure what the differences are with this one and the NewCon above. What i find is that this one is less emollient than the NewCon and i would recommend this for oily skin types.

Charmzone's DeAge red wine sample set given by the seller:

Essence, cream, emulsion and toner. Will try this out soon.

More from Berrisom:
Lipstick, Skin recovery blemish balm, peptide serum, total eye perfector (eye cream),

A small array of samples given by the berrisom seller:
This included the HD lifting and tightening pore mask which i wanted to try, so whooppee! i get to try it before purchase.

In each and every Berrisom product, the ingredients include their antioxidant power AO5 formula which contains a blend of berries and flowers for high potency antioxidant oomph.
This Skin Recovery BB cream is no exception. Packed with antioxidants it is a triple function bb cream. It's main functions are anti-wrinkle, whitening and sun protection (spf 21)

Click to enlarge the picture below for a more detailed description on the bb cream:

So far, i've tried it and i really really like it. It contains camphor tree extract to soothe and nourish.
Colour tone is perfect for my skin colour and it gives me a dewy look. Loving it so far.

The bb cream is on a promotion with free gift on Berrisom's antioxidant lipstick:
The colour is a sweet pink colour and feels smooth. This lipstick itself costs about 12000wons on Gmarket.

I also bought the total eye perfector which performs a 6-in-1 function. Anti-wrinkle, whitening, dark circles, smoothing of expression lines, lifting, anti-oxidant.
It comes in an elegant silver packaging and it looks quite grand on the dressing table!

By purchasing the total eye perfector, the seller has included this full sized peptide serum FREE! For anti-aging purposes.With copper peptides and their signature AO5 formula for anti-wrinkle solution.

I have been loving sidmool's natural care products so far. No irritation at all.
More from sidmool to try:
Jojoba lip care essence, Pore ampoule, Aloe Essential gel, Aloe Herb shampoo

An array of face masks and samples given by the seller:
6 pieces of sheetmasks, vitamin C sweets and 3 pieces of natural hand made soaps.

A closer look at the Jojoba lip care essence:
10ml tube. contains other moisturising ingredients like vitamin E. Upon application, it makes lips beautifully full and juicy! love it!

A closer look at aloe gel:
a large tube of 165ml aloe essential gel with peptides. This comes in 2 formulas, one for oily skin and one for normal-dry skin types. I've chosen the normal-dry skin type.
This tube is so huge i'm not really sure how we will manage to finish this!
So far, this product has received many a good review and comment in the sidmool forum. Seems to be their best selling item!

 The gel is a clear transparent gel:
 Texture is lovely and spreads easily with no greasiness or any feeling of heaviness. So far feels just right and it seems to provide a burst of moisture too.

More on Pore Care, Sidmools does have a few varieties on pore care ampoules. I've simply chosen this EverMat Pore Ampoule:
It manages sebum flow, pore size, skin shine and for pore tightening purposes.

The ampoule is like an emulsion serum :
White in colour. Totally fragrance free and spreads easily. However, i find it quite hydrating. It does not zap away oiliness to the extent that skin feels tight and dry. Nope, it feels gentle on the skin.
 This is suppose to help sebum in the pores, and within 28 days, results should be seen.

Aloe Herb Shampoo:
Wonderful product! It leaves hair soft , manageable, lively and light. My hair felt tamed and soft and shiny after one wash.
It moisturises the scalp and cleanses gently with aloe and other oriental herbs.
Pretty good i would say.

That's it for this haul! Hopefully we can manage another haul before the month ends. My cousin is even butting in now to join our hauls........ she has been plagued with the Korean skin care disease too!


  1. Hehehe, Gmarket is so addicting. It is kinda nice that you have other family memhrrs to join you on these hauls. More stuff that you can try. Have you try ReEn shampoo? It is really nice. It has a sweet lotus smell. It leaves your hair soft and light after each wash. It controls the oil on my scalp real well. It is a plus that it has anti hair loss compound. I want to try Ryoe too. I heard good things about it.

  2. oh... which one is the Reen shampoo? which colour is it?

    i'm targeting to get the ryeo purple shampoo for anti hair loss on my next haul.

  3. I am using the Blue ReEn bottle for oily hair. It is an LG product. It is depends on your hair type that you need a certain color. What is your hair type? This is what it looks like and some info This is real cool. I am planning to order Ryoe to try to for my next haul. I am actually making a list and doing research now on what to get. Have to take advantage of the World Wide shipping discount, eventhough it isn't much. Whrn are you planning for your next haul? :-)

  4. hi kooslee,
    thanks for the link! appreciate a lot. Are we talking about the same Ryeo hair shampoo? it's the one endorsed by yoon eun hye right? that's the one i wanted to try . I have oily scalp. so will be getting the one for oily hair which includes hair loss treatment. haha, i'm already planning my next haul.... waiting and waiting for the others to finish their item picking to order together.

  5. Yeah it is the same shampoo that I want. It was a typo. If you find a good seller for it, please let me know. It is confusing with Ryeo'shampoo, since the bottles are purple but they have other color clips near their necks.

  6. hi kooslee,
    yes u are right, the one in purple with the different color neck clips to differentiate the hair types. There's oily, dry and sensitive. i'll try it out to see if it's any good.

  7. So what color neck clips are for oily hair?

  8. hi kooslee,
    i believe it is the beige colour one

  9. as usual, ur hauls are very interesting since ur willing to try so many products haha
    can I ask bout these things:
    -sooryehan fermented vinegar, is it good? what is it for?
    - charmzone newcon cream, how do u use it? is it like a cleansing cream? so u can use it daily and just wipe it off?
    - charmzone new control cream, have u found out the difference between this and newcon? kinda confusing with the similar name too @.@ haha
    - pore products, I see u've bought lots of pore products lately (sum37, hera), any that really works wonder? these holes are starting to bug me >.<
    sorry for the so many questions hehe really enjoy reading ur blog ^^
    ps: I agree with u, I only like No Min Woo in gumiho too haha

  10. hello hydeusrey,
    glad you are back.
    sooryehan fermented vinegar - it's for anti aging, removing wastes in the skin. It's pretty good. Keeps skin nicely emollient and skin feels firmer too.

    charmzone new con cream - oh this is my top product currently. I love it. Yeah u can use it daily. put it on and leave for about 5 mins. you may rub it a little after that to remove dead cells or just wipe it off. if you have oily skin, u may use a foam wash after it.

    charmzone new control cream - i prefer the newcon cream because it keeps my dehydrated skin moist. this one is more for oily skin types. u use it the same way.

    Pore products - i've yet to use all. currently still on sum37 and sidmool's pore ampoule. both seem to be working so far. My pores seem to be smaller. but it sure does take patience to hang in there.

    No worries about the questions. Glad to help. I may post a review on the newcon cream as i really really like it.

    No Min Woo? yeah! we are on the same wavelength, the gumiho No Min Woo rocks!

  11. haha I remember back in the days that I used to play min woo's gumiho's theme song (I think its called 'Trap') over n over again in my car ^^

    will wait for ur newcon cream review then! did u use it as a substitute for cleansing cream or did u use it after wiping off ur makeup?

    looks like there aren't much sooryehan's review around, so I cant really find out much about the brand >.< is the vinegar essence light enough for day use? my sulwhasoo balancing water n emulsion felt great, but I think I need more punch. saw the picture review from korean blogs n it looks like the essence gave a pretty healthy glow. I would love to have that glow as I dun wear much makeup during the day hehe

  12. hi hydeusrey,
    trap theme song, yeah that's the name. it kinda sticks in your head for a while after you have watched the drama. It stuck with me for a few good weeks....keke

    vinegar essence is quite sticky. I can use day or night no problem because of dehydrated skin. But oilier skin types may prefer to use it only at night. Hmmm, i didn't get to see glow on my sis' face yet, so maybe it takes a longer while more.
    i wish i had nice skin too to not wear makeup, but these days it looks like as you age, makeup plays an important part, well at least some kind of foundation or bb cream to even out skin tone and add some resilience.
    it's good that you don't need to wear makeup.

  13. Hi,
    Which seller did you get your samples from? Also, could you give me the link for the berrisom seller? THANK YOU~^^

  14. Hi can inane the link for the Graymelin Vintage, Smiley Tonight, Nutry Snail cream seller? Khamsahamida

  15. hi anon,
    sorry for late reply, have been very busy lately.

    graymelin is no longer on sale and not listed on gmarket any longer. i wonder why.....

    for berrisom try searching for 베리썸 on gmarket.

    samples i got from a whole lot of different sellers actually. but any sample seller is good. i'll list some here later.

  16. Is graymelin smiley onight good? Compare to innisfree or tony moly? Thanks for the info

  17. hi, have not used innisfree's snail cream. do they have one? nor have i used tony moly's snail cream. Graymelin's on the heavier texture side so more for dry skin types. Other than that, it should be quite alright.

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