Nov 29, 2014

tVn Liar Game Korean Drama

At long last, in 2014, a drama made it to my "to post" list. Introducing Liar Game, the Korean remake of the Japanese very popular drama, Liar Game.

I had a short review on the Japanese liar game here: and I loved the japanese version!

So I was really excited when I read that there would be a Korean remake of it.

The main characters:
Kim So Eun as Nam Da Jung (main leading lady)

Did she do a good job? Mmmmm, yes, I guess. She blends in very well but not outstanding. I prefer Erika Toda's version of Nao, all innocent and cute with those lovely eyes of hers.
Kim So Eun was a little bland as she blends in very well with everything around her.
Her physical traits remind me of Shin Se Gyung, however, I do prefer Kim So Eun over Shin Se Gyung. At least Kim So Eun has a large and vast variety of physical expressions that don't bore to death.

Lee Sang Yoon as Ha Woo Jin (main leading male)

Eeeks, I loved the male lead, Shota Matsuda, in the Jap version. Lee Sang Yoon's execution was mediocre. He did not perform badly, but perhaps there was a lack of focus on him that led to him to being overshadowed.
It was a refreshing change to see him act icy and cold. In my personal opinion, I do think he can perform better. It did not reach the ice cold depths of the Alaskan winter, but perhaps the icy winds in Melbourne.

Shin Sung Rok as Kang Do Young (main villain)

Well, this guy stole the limelight!!!!!!!
His execution was splendid!

What a villain. One that mystifies and draws you in again and again and deeper and deeper. I'm sure that he gained many fans and popularity with this role. Many articles and comments out there are so intrigued by him that there is somewhat in- depth analysis on his character and why he turned out to be such a psychopath with a twisted mind. People have gathered to comment and discuss and talk about Kang Do Young.

The plot and story of how the villain was connected to the two main leads is a new development from the Jap version. The writer did a great job of keeping everything tightly wound and revealing and releasing the truth in anticipated progress. Perfect.

Shin Sung Rok cannot be applauded enough for portraying a masked maniac. His whole life seemed to be preoccupied with only one thing. That is to continue his one and only desirable memory of childhood with the two leads in a game they used to play.

He called himself a failure and the last thing he wanted before he ends his miserable hellish memories and life, was to play, just once more, a game of "truth" and "trust" game with the two leads.

He is to be pitied and empathized with, even with all the evil and murderous deeds that he committed. He wins the hearts of the viewers with this trait..

Ok, it was an very enjoyable drama and I was hanging off my seat through most of the episodes.

 But there were bits and pieces that i could not understand, could not put together.
The main factor to be blamed is the subtitles. The subs were not full, more like bits and pieces everywhere. Some of the important bits i had to decipher on my own. What a bummer.
For eg, why did Woo Jin's mother commit suicide? what did she lose that she had to end her life?

Overall, it's a remake worth watching with new and different developments from the original. A piece well executed and yes, the yummiest villain in all time.
Love Shin Sung Rok.

Oh ya, this is one drama with a perfectly executed ending where most, if not all, the loose strings are tied and most people are accounted for. I must say again, the pacing of the drama was excellent.

I'm having major withdrawals with this drama which i haven't had in a long long time!

Rating: 9/10 a must watch!

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