Oct 8, 2014


Oh dear,
it's been months, and i mean months! since i last updated my blog.
Well, the reason is because the Korean dramas of late since 2013 til date, have all been a major bore!

There is not one drama that strikes me at all. Nothing like my old favourites that would make me fall into major withdrawal modes, and i would watch it over and over again. None of them at all. I wonder if it is the beginning of the downfall in Korean dramas or it is just me. Are my standards too high? I've been fast forwarding the dramas like there's no tomorrow.

I'm currently watching "My Dear Cat" on kbsworld. Nothing much to shout about, just to past time. Eagerly waiting for "Liar Game" (korean version) and "Nodame Cantabile" (Korean version). Hopefully these will bring back my fever for Korean dramas, or else....................

My fave Korean variety is now "1N2D". This is the only Korean show that makes me look forward to it every week. Really liking JJY in it. He's kinda rude in a cute way.

How about japanese dramas? so far, i've only liked "liar game" (jap version). Wonder if there are any other wonderful jap dramas out there.................

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