Aug 5, 2013

korean drama review: I Hear Your Voice

I just finished this drama and would like to pen  my thoughts on it.

Please be forewarned of SPOILERs ahead!

The 3 mains:
Lee Bo Young as Jang Hye Sung
Lee Jong Suk as Park Soo Ha
Yoon Sang Hyun as Cha Kwon Woo

I was impatiently waiting for the drama to finish airing so i could watch a marathon on it. I like Lee Jong Suk and Lee Bo Young. Particularly like Lee Bo Young for her wonderful performance in My Daughter So Yeong which i truly enjoyed.
So i was really looking forward to this one. Plus, i watched the episode of Hwasin featuring the three main characters and that got me more excited to start on the drama.

Eeek, my "nightmare" started. I never would have imagined that they actually really really paired Lee Jong Suk with Lee Bo Young. They look like siblings instead because Lee Bo Young looks, and in reality is, way much older than Lee Jong Suk. So it really turned me off.
I knew Lee Jong Suk had a crush on Lee Bo Young and i always thought it would be one sided since he is still in high school (not even in uni!) and she is already an experienced working woman nearing her 30s.

I thought it would be like High Kick Season 1 where Jung Il Woo had a one sided crush on his teacher that never worked out. I could accept that.

But not this! it was a ridiculous pairing and i highly dislike it. Why oh why did they spoil the drama this way. I would have truly enjoyed it if it wasn't for this ridiculous pairing. As much as i like both of them i cannot, i repeat, i cannot, accept them as a pair of lovers.

And every time they kissed, hugged, touched each other, looked into each others' eyes, i would start "gagging". I would grimace in "disgust". Yup, "disgust" is a strong word to use, but i gave it heavy proportion due to how much it bothered me.

I know, there are those large age-gapped couples around like Demi moore and Ashton Kutcher. I don't know why, i just cannot see Lee Bo Young and Lee Jong Suk as lovers. It gave me the shudders as if they were committing "sibling relationship" (can't remember the word for it!). Can you imagine your younger brother looking  into your eyes, wrapping his arms around your waist and starts french kissing you??

This coupling really gave me "nightmares". On the final episode, they were kissing intensely and that image made me unable to sleep! I wish i never watched this drama.

And what happens to Yoon Sang Hyun? Is there no love line for him? what a pity. He should've been the main pairing with Lee Bo Young, they look so much more compatible. And he has a rather cutesy character in the drama. Fun and cute.

And yet another flaw in the drama is this guy, Jung Woon In:

He is the main villain in the drama, Min Joon Guk. Yup, he did well. But why is he never dead? He keeps reviving and the whole drama is circled around this one bad character. The drama is about prosecutors and lawyers taking on criminal cases and the entire drama had like only one criminal case that goes on and on for 18 episodes.

This guy keeps popping up, threatening and frightening people, killing people and always gets away with it. Of course, in the end he gets what he deserves, but i think it would have been nicer to keep this mighty villain toward the end and have more other criminal cases to show off Lee Jong Suk's inner voice reading skills.

It became tiresome to watch because it felt repetitive with no new ideas/criminal cases.

Personally, i would not even recommend this drama.

However, if i were to put the main couple issue aside, it won't be that bad, i'd give this a 6.5/10.

PS: i dislike the Cyrano agency couple even more! Father and daughter french kissing.... ewww. I gave up on that drama.

Aah, what should i watch next to erase such horrendous kissing memories ???


  1. Sorry sister but be open minded your a kid right. hehehe kudos for you. we are enjoying it, the story is not even the age gap kissing issues :)

    1. hi melissa,
      something's wrong with my blogger, it does not notify me of comments anymore. I have to check in manually.... hmmm.
      oh, i'm trying to be open minded, i can accept demi and ashton, but can't accept bo young and jong suk! hahah. funny me.

  2. I really don't like dis drama.....older male character is better than younger one.. ;)