Aug 27, 2013

korean drama review: The Queen's Classroom

oh have you watched this drama?
Just finished it and i'd say it was above my expectations.

Ko Hyun Jung as Teacher Ma Yeo Jin

She's known to me as the face of Korea's cosmetic brand, RE:nk. I've never actually watched any of  her dramas, this is the first.
I must say, my first impression of her wasn't a really good one. I took on her physical qualities at first sight noticing only her bloated face (very!) and lack of a neck that seems not befitting at all on her tall and slender-looking body. She seems "off", kind of weird. However, as the drama progressed, i got used to it and didn't seem to mind the "weird" ET look.

Teacher Ma is like a witch, a demon woman. That's her nickname amongst the kids and in the school. She plays a cold as steel teacher with the weirdest way of teaching the kids. She teaches them not only academically but more on social values and ethics and her way of doing so is eccentric and sure does not look like she understands any of the children's needs. That is how it is felt on the surface. However, deep within she cares more for the children's well-being (emotionally which will lead to physical results), more than even herself. She uses the façade of a witch to steer the children in the right direction. In the end, she is always the victor, well able to conquer and eradicate all social inequality, ostracism and bad social behaviour.

The other stars of the drama are little children. The main child actor is

Kim Hyang Gi as Shim Ha Na

I've never seen her before, it's my first. And she is good. Really good. She displays poignancy and charm in her acting and i enjoyed her performance very much.

I've seen some of the other child actors before and most of them are good in acting, maybe, perhaps, possibly with the exception of this little guy:

Somehow i felt some of his parts were a little off, but overall still good. Some of his parts felt a bit pretentious , like we know he is acting.

I cried a lot with this drama as the story is so good. Plenty of hurdles, mishaps, misconceptions etc and each of them was tackled with a good ending. However, some of the "endings" were too lenient and too far fetched.

For eg, in one of those stories:
one of the kids had been stealing and putting the blame on our lead child actress. The thief even had the audacity to ostracise the lead child actress by getting things all mucked up and turning things around so that the lead child actress takes all the blame. Teacher Ma uses her eccentric ways to make the thief own up and the lead child actress stand up for herself. It was good, but the ending of where the thief was able to clear all conscience in just a short amount of time, and all the the other students forgave and so easily accepted the thief into their social circle again , is just plain ridiculous. How can such hurt and scars be gotten over so easily?
Well, that's just one of the not-so-realistic parts of the drama.

But all in all, the drama was good.

And the best part? Haha, you wouldn't have guessed, it's the background music!! Some fantasy, witchery background music that plays throughout the drama. I just love it! it fits so well.

My rating: 8.5/10.It's an underrated drama .


  1. so funny! ~i'm watching this one right now! i've been really liking it, i'm on maybe ep11 or 12

  2. hi jtwilliams,
    glad you are enjoying it. I enjoyed it a lot and it was breeze to watch all the episodes :)