Apr 28, 2013

April 2013: Drama update

Phew, gave up on plenty of dramas............
it's been some time since i could find any drama that i could watch through, and i mean sitting it out and watching joyously.
Not much so far.

Given up on these:
Iris 2,
Level 7 civil servant,
My Love Madame Butterfly
Panda & Hedgehog -this is ridiculously childish and lacks any plot whatsoever, even if Lee Dong Hae stars in it.

Currently loving:
Shut Up Family ~ seriously the best! Jjang! Love this to the max. But i'm pretty bias, i really love Shim Ji Ho. I've got a little more to go and i cannot bear to finish it and end my Shim Ji Ho "worship". He is just too hot. I guess i'll just leave the last few episodes un-watched so i can drag out the heartbreak of not being able to watch him anymore.
Given also, Shim Ji Ho does not have very many dramas for me to go through and he's pretty inactive in the acting arena. Don't think he's a full time actor. He was really very hot in "color of woman" too.

Just started on:
Incarnation of Money - hope this one is good and does not disappoint. Kang Ji Hwan's "lie to me" was such a disappointment.

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