Apr 4, 2013

korean drama review and thoughts: my daughter seo Young

Ta Dah, just finished this drama and it's time for a review.

This drama runs 50 episodes long and finished airing in March 2013. It's in the melodrama, romance and a touch of family zone.

Just thought i'd give it go, and yup, it was good. The title of the drama sounds "old-fashioned" and boring, so don't be fooled. It's not the plot or storyline that is unique, but more of how it was brought about; engaging and page turning.

The main characters are:
lead actress, Lee Bo Young as Lee Seo Young

To romance lee bo young -- Lee Sang Yoon as Kang Woo Jae

The plot  and storyline is quite cliché-d.  Very poor woman (Lee So Young), who saves every $1 and penny, meets rich guy (Kang Woo Jae) and develops a relationship to which the parents of the man vehemently objects to. They go through many hardships to be together, including personal mental and emotional turmoil to see if they really  love each and need each other.

In between the main romance, there's family issues whereby Seo Young and her father have a broken and untended relationship which cause further complications and is the root of a time bomb for Woo Jae and Seo Young's marriage.

I really love to watch the father. I'm not sure why, but Chun Ho Jin (as Lee Sam Jae), did a great job with all those emotions vividly and abundantly displayed for us viewers. Well done Chun Ho Jin. The love and sacrifice he had for his daughter Seo Young were all piercingly touching. The guilt he piled on his shoulders was so heavy that he seemed to be crawling on his knees most of the time. He had a selfless and very sacrificial heart for his children.

Well, what i love best from the drama are not the main characters, but the sub ones. I love watching Park Hae Jin and Choi Yoon Young. Damn! these two are just too cute!

Twin brother of Seo young -- Park Hae Jin as Lee Sang Woo

To romance Sang Woo -- Choi Yoon Young as Choi Ho Jung

Oh my, this couple is as cute and delicious as any iced vanilla cupcake there is. Choi Ho Jung literally glues herself to Sang Woo ever since she met him. And she's been doing that for quite a few years! She's so cute and innocently sweet it's hard to resist her charms.
When they finally became a couple, it was even more entertaining to watch! Haha, they are just so sweet. I love them.

The most boring parts are the ones with CNBlue's Lee Jung Shin. I know he is very pretty and all, but his parts are boring. I usually fast forward those.
Even the scenes of the parents of Kang Woo Jae are better in terms of entertaining level.

Overall, nice drama, and if you have time, you can watch all 50 episodes, if not, just skip to the parts with Lee Sang Woo and Choi Ho Jung. That'll keep you entertained enough.

Rating: 7/10

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