Feb 6, 2013

korean drama: current

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. Aren't you excited?

i've just finished watching these dramas :
1. Cheong dam dong Alice; and
2. School 2013

Perhaps I should do a review on these two, ..............ah, feeling lazy again. hehe

Currently watching:
1. Jeon Woo Chi - update 4april 2013: i gave up on this, it was too boring
2. Flower Boy Next Door - update 4 april 2013: i gave up on this too. Did  not finish the last 2 episodes.

I wonder what other dramas are there to fill up my time during CNY. There seems to be nothing much of late. Where did those great dramas like Greatest Love, You are Beautiful and Secret Garden go? I miss those dramas that pull me in so much that it leaves a huge gaping hole in my heart once it ends. The entire 2012 had none of it and is such a disappointment.
Hopefully 2013 would be better. I must say, School 2013 is almost a breakthrough. Pretty darn good.

what are you watching?

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  1. I watched flower boy next door already, im planning to watch the other new series soon :)