Oct 1, 2012

Korean drama review: Haeundae lovers

I just finished watching Haeundae Lovers.......... and i got to say it's a cute and fluffy romantic comedy for those who enjoy cotton candy and teddy bears, which i do, and so i love the drama!

I enjoyed Kim Kang Woo's play in "Slingshot" and was looking forward to a new drama with him in it. Haeundae lovers fits the bill perfectly: a rom com with Chae Do Woo (Kim Kang Woo's character in Slingshot).

Kim Kang Woo as NamHae, Lee/Yang Tae Sung

Yes yes that's right, he has three identities in the drama. Nam Hae, Lee Tae Sung and Yang Tae Sung.

I really loved him in "Slingshot" and majority of his dramas/movies so far has had him playing cold, aloof, steel-like characters with not much of a smile but a great body and intensely good looking.

In this drama, he made a 360 degree turn with a wacky and downright goofy character. At first, a cool and aloof prosecutor who is hated by people, he then loses his memory and turns into the cutest little NamHae who follows Jo Yeo Jung around like a little lamb.
Cute, real cute!

And in the drama, he throws away all that steel and ice image that he has been portraying over the years into this little adorable goofy. Check out some cuteness:

The "demon" hair while stranded in an island

Trying to wink seductively at Jo Yeo Jung

Playing little lamb with Jo Yeo Jung

Getting face acupuncture with cross eyes

Making faces and Jo Yeo Jung

Turning into ice in an ice room

Making kissy lips at Jo Yeo Jung

Trying to peek while Jo Yeo Jung baths

He is just the cutest little thing in the drama. Yep, and a big change from Chae Do Woo's psycopath character in Slingshot.
Gosh, I think the name Nam Hae is too cute.

Lead actress: Jo Yeo Jung as Go So Ra
Only watched her in "I need romance". I think she's really good here too. Makes a good pairing with Kim Kang Woo. Cute acting and pretty face.
Go So Ra is the daughter of a former gangster and lives to protect her 3 uncles and father with a mental ability of a 6-year-old. Her family hates prosecutors and tend to stay far away from them.
Lee Tae Sung tries to infiltrate into the family pretending to be a body-builder.
The scenes are hilarious and gets me laughing too much.

Other people in the drama:
Jung Suk Won as Choi Jun Hyuk
He gets to be the love rival of Kim Kang Woo.

Kang Min kyung as Hwang Joo Hee
A small bitchy role she has. And her skirts are so figure hugging you could tell her body measurements just by looking.
Also, her complexion is very so fair, like a white sheet of powder. Too white.

Nam Gyu Ri as Yoon Se Na
Gyu Ri plays Kim Kang Woo's wife who holds on to a marriage through a belief that making your spouse feel sorry toward you will be answer to it all. Quite a pitiful character who deludes herself too much.
Her choice of clothing looks highly uncomfortable. 4 inch heels and the shortest mini skirts.

The main theme motto for the drama is "This is the first time I've felt this way" 내가감정처음. The sentence is sprinkled throughout the drama and Kim Kang Woo has sole usage of it. The funniest moments comes when he uses it and man, do i laugh my head off!

 Here he uses the sentence to infiltrate into a drug association, mistaking Jo Yeo Jung as the middleman. He whispers it time and again to Jo Yeo Jung who has absolutely no idea why and thinks he is a pervert.

They get into an awkward embarrassing position as if filming for an erotic movie:

And ends up with a flexible physical kick from Jo Yeo Jung:

Haha, Kim Kang Woo does not give up and runs after her yelling "This is the first time i've ever felt this way"

This scene plus the comical background music is the best! I keep replaying it and get great laughs out of this. It is a little wacky and goofy, but hey, I enjoyed the wackiness.

The drama also ends with the same sentence, this time with Jo Yeo Jung acknowledging and kisses Kim Kang Woo:

Ah, and with Kim Kang woo, no doubt there'll be some body baring:
His physique is sooo good. And he goes into a messed up fight with the three uncles baring his top body all the time. Nice shot.

I can't help but notice, why does Kim Kang Woo look so skinny and thin in this drama? his cheeks are all sunken and his jaw bones are jutting out. There's not an ounce of meat left on that gaunt face.
Take a look at his "meatier" face in "slingshot":
Isn't it much more plumped. At least he had some cheeks in there. I wonder what happened to him in 2012, did he lose so much weight? was it necessary to lose those pounds?

I love this romcom and it's the best romcom for 2012. I've seen many comments saying that is all fluff and too goofy for their liking.
Take heart, only watch it is you are in for some real wacko moments.

Rating: 9/10.
This one is a keeper for me and will be replayed for all the silliness and laughs! Oh  and yea, nice OST too. Kang Min Kyung's "farewell" was good.


  1. Very cute and funny k-drama series. If you want to laugh and at the same time fall in love over and over again, you should try to watch this. Nice review, anyway.

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