Sep 30, 2012

List of OST winners and losers (Korean dramas) 2010-2012

Winner: Midas  2011

starring Jang Hyuk, Lee Min Jung, No Min Woo.
OST very very well done and thumbs up to all the background music adding the perfect height to each and every scene.
I really enjoyed the drama as well. A very good corporate finance drama. A must for those with CF background.

1st runner up: Secret Garden 2010
"That woman" sung by Baek Ji Yong - won over so many hearts.
Wonderful song and lovely background music.

2nd runner up: Haeundae lovers 2012

Hello boy by Bebop is just great and Led Apple's smile again, both are very catchy and up beat songs.
Kang Min Kyung's farewell is very good too.
And the cute and funny background music whenever comical scenes come up is the best ever! I can't get over the tune in my head.
Great acting by Kim Kang Woo and Jo Yeo Jong. I enjoyed the drama a lot. So far the best romantic comedy drama for 2012. Definitely a keeper for 2012.

3rd runner up: Heartstrings 2011

I love the main song sung by Yong Hwa, the best in the entire series! Other than that, the rest were alright only, especially the ones sung by Park Shin Hye, did not really enjoy those.

Loser no.1 : My Princess 2011
The OST for this drama was downright disappointing. With such great stars/cast, they could've boost the drama with a fantastic OST.
Worst of the lot and worst of all dramas that i've ever watched.
Dr. Jin, which also stars Song Seung Hun, had some very poor background music as well, but there were some other song sung by Jae Joong that were good.


  1. Secret Garden was realy cool - sweetness and drama in good proportions! BTW: you have interesting blog)

  2. hi oofa,
    thanks for the comment. i too enjoyed Secret Garden very much.