Oct 23, 2012

korean drama: full house 2

No Min Woo drama!

yep that's right, currently started airing on 22nd october.

Just wanted to take a peek and found the trailer:

Er, No Min Woo looks entirely "plastic-ky" in the trailer, too fair, face too "hard" and "stiff".  Like too much botox or something

 Hwang Jung Eum looks T-errible! her hair is atrocious, and though she's supposed to be cute, i can't help it. She's just donwright crappy looking in the trailer. Her brows and hair, oh dear, i can't say anymore.

The only human looking thing in the trailer looks like its Park Ki Woong.

 Sigh, and i was so looking forward to watch this. Kinda lose my appetite after watching Hwang Jung Eum. I'll let the drama finish airing and give this a go anyway. I adored Full House season 1 with Rain and Song Hye Kyo. Let's see how season 2 will fare.
 However, it's already minus 50pts with Hwang Jung Eum's horrendous style in it.

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