Nov 5, 2012

Gmarket haul 15

I had a mini Gmarket Haul this week..............................after such a long long break.

Wanted to try the Sum37 Flawless Regenerating Line. It's the new luxury line from Sum37 launched in Aug 2012.
Gmarket had stopped all previous sample sales a few months ago, so samples were nowhere to be found. But they came back out a little while ago and so I went on a small spree.

Here's my mini haul:

Came in a smallish cardboard box. No dents this time. Gmarket seemed to have improved their cardboard boxes quality.

What's in the loot?
Hehe, couldn't resist some of the newly launched stuff like Sulwhasoo's Innerise complete serum.
Innerise corrects the skin's natural density, preventing ageing by beginning at its source. The anti-aging line will keep you looking young and refreshed. Notice small wrinkles on your face? Innerise line will rejuvenate your face (taken from sulwhasoo's website).
So are you intrigued  by the newly launched innerise serum?

Sulwhasoo's concentrated ginseng cream:
Small 5ml bottles and 2 sachets. Creamy and rich smell of ginseng... for my sister.

Restocked some Qi & Jin Eye cream:
Pretty heavy stuff. Best used at night. Sis likes the creamy heaviness of it and the strong herbal smell. It does have a pretty heavy herbal scent.

Sulwhasoo's Rejuvenating Eye cream from their basic line:
From the website:
"This age-defying eye cream revitalizes the delicate skin around the eyes, smoothing lines, wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness with a potent blend of Korean medicinal herbs. Hydrating and smoothing, this anti-aging treatment restores radiance and vitality to the eye area. Green tea, pomegranate, and six-year-old Korean red ginseng fight free radical damage to prevent signs of age."

Sample packs of Sulwhasoo's infamous First Care Serum:

This is a must have on every korean woman's beauty table.
"Formulated to replenish essential moisture and nutrients and to boost the effect of every subsequent treatment. Milk-vetch, licorice, and dwarf lilyturf work synergistically to optimize the Korean herbal ingredients in the complete collection while deeply hydrating."
This serum has been reported to work wonders for any skin type and can be paired with any line/brand of skin care. It helps to regulate the skin to receive and absorb the rest of the skin care and that is why it is the first thing you put on after cleansing, even before your trusted toners.

Sum37 Flawless Regenerating Cream

Sum37 Flawless Regenerating Eye cream

Sum37 Flawless Regenerating Essence

The Flawless Regenerating Line is Sum37's new luxury line for anti aging launched in August this year. And it is the main reason why I had this haul. I am entering into the era where i am in desperate need for anti aging products.
The Flawless Regenerating line uses a special V.O complex which focuses on microbial fermentation of 5 beneficial microorganisms/bacteria which have been cultivated/fermented especially for the range of products. The line boasts skin improvement on tightening, clarity and transparency thereby promoting flawless skin with zero defects! The line aims to provide nutrition for the skin and improve moisturising capabilities.

The big regret, I was not able to get the accompanying toner and emulsion, which would have completed the set and satisfied my longing. I feel only half full .

Samples and freebies that came along with the mini haul:
Hera Homme multi BB................... for the boys

Wet tissue:

Snail sheet masks:

Sooryehan's Hyo Fermented cream sachets:

That's all for today, and i'll update on the Flawless Regenerating Line a few weeks down the road to see if it's any good on me.
I tested some the minute the haul arrived, and it seemed to be quite good, especially the cream. It is rich.

Remind me to update if I forget ;)

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