Aug 22, 2012

Korean drama: Ghost SBS 2012

Ghost SBS, 2012

This belongs to the crime and investigation genre, which i usually skim right pass. Hmm, however, not sure why, but i decided to give this a go and clearly it was well worth it.
The plot is so tightly and enthusiastically written, and each episode keeps you clinging to the edge of your seat, with extra strength magnets drawing you to watch the next episode and the next and the next........

This is really really good stuff! and i highly enjoyed the roller coaster cringing ride with lee yeon hee and So ji Sub.

so ji sub as Kim Hyun Woo/ Park Ki Young

It's the first time i watched So Ji Sub though, i wouldn't say i'm highly impressed, but i am not deeply moved either. His acting was rather mediocre here but still, it managed to pull through. I don't know why, but i prefer Daniel Choi so much better. Daniel Choi was very much livelier and will have you bound to the screen.

Daniel Choi as Park Ki Young (legendary hacker)
Very good acting and great performance. Sometimes i wished it starred Daniel Choi instead of So Ji Sub as i find Daniel Choi's acting in this drama so much  better. Great hacker performance!

Lee Yeon Hee as pretty detective Yoo Kang Mi
Oh, she's a beauty! and i think she did well in this drama. Though there were no romantic relationships/lines in the drama, she played the role very well as a trusted and well able-d partner to Park Ki Young/ Kim Hyun Woo. Her role does not seem to be easily disposable and i applaud the script writer in weaving her character as a stand out without those pesky romance.

Kwak Do Won as the "mad cow"
Haha, this plump Ahjussi is hilarious to watch. He adds in the fun and furious factor and as his nickname is, a mad cow. Impulsive explosive bomb-like temper. An invaluable character in the drama!

Im Ji Kyu as Byun Sang Woo
Haha, this little guy, although playing a small-ish role in the drama as a colleague in the crime investigation team with rest, is the happiest to watch. I remember him in "the greatest love" as Cha Seung Won's cute and small manager and he did a pretty good job there too. It's hard not to notice him.

Lee Won Geun, one of the baddie hackers, a flower boy
Apparently , this little flower boy stirred interest due to his looks. And yup, he did look surprisingly "flower-boyish" in the drama. He also starred in the "moon that embraces the sun" as the younger Woon. He looked a whole lot better in this drama, very young and sweet. Hah, but looks sure can fool. He kills mercilessly in the drama and his evil smirks are a must see.

The biggest villain, Eom Ki Joon as Jo Hyun Min
Eeeeks, this guy does not have the "villain" look as far as i remember. In the past dramas like "dream high", scent of a woman, can't live with losing, miss ripley........ he had the good guy images. So this drama is a highly refreshing change from goodie to baddie. And yes, he did very very well. Fantastic performance. He played the character so well, deluded into his own revengeful world, he tries to protect his interests and destroys those in his way. The way he plays it, doesn't make you feel hatred toward him, nor would you want to slap him. You just kind of want to see more of him and those evil, wicked tricks of his. Good performance. Very well played.

Rating: 8.5/10 , a must watch!
(lowered rating as i must say, i won't rewatch it nor keep it)

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