Jul 31, 2012

Essential oils

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I love everything natural.
So i have been looking into essential oils which are 100% all natural steam distilled/extracted from plants and flower parts.

Looking up the internet gives a wealth of resources on aromatherapy and essential oil uses.

Initially, i wanted to make my own facial serum so i researched high and low on different essential oils and their properties, as well as different formulations to create DIY face serums.

You could actually create a face serum using 5% essential oils of your choice and mixing them in a carrier oil of your choice.

I tried different carrier oils: jojoba, camellia, sweet almond, tamanu, argan, sunflower seed, apricot kernel, emu and olive oil

I also tried different essential oils: frankincense, lavender, helichrysum, lemon, sandalwood, rosewood, rose, geranium, rosemary, tea tree, carrot seed (can't remember what else)

Sad to say, my skin reacted to all carrier oils but the emu oil. I've been using emu oil ever since. It's said to be collagen producing and helps in anti aging.

And, i find that i can't use ANY essential oils on my face at all! None of them, no matter how diluted or differently mixed up, never sits nicely on my skin. I react to virtually ALL the essential oils. How frustrating. So there goes my quest for a DIY face serum.

But the funny thing is, MooGoo's scalp cream has three essential oils in it (rosemary, lavender and tea tree) and my skin did not react to the scalp cream. In fact, in my previous post on MooGoo review, i love the scalp cream on my face. How ironic. Perhaps i can't use essential oils mixed in carrier oils, perhaps i need to mix them in an emulsifier with water content. But that's too difficult for me to make.

Now i use my essential oils in a vaporizer when i sleep at night and it is so relaxing, especially lavender. The bulgarian variety has the best and most calming scent, in my opinion.

Wish i  could i find a way to incorporate essential oils into my facial regime.

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