Apr 6, 2012

korean drama: what i've been watching

Lately, none of the Korean dramas kept me on my toes nor kept me burning late night oil.

So far been watching plenty.....

Dream High 2 

pretty alright but nothing striking. I prefer Dream High 1 which was more energetic, more spell binding, more fun. I couldn't even finish the drama, still have 3 last episodes to watch which i shall if i have time.
Kang So Ra was less than adorable. Didn't like her at all. Jin Woon was eye candy enough and did a job well done for his first time acting.
JB was irritating and Park Ji Yeon was even more irritating.

I would give this one a 5/10.

High Kick 3

 at first it was great and i looked forward to it every week, not until the last 4-5 weeks or so, nothing to look forward to. Storyline kept going on and on and on with no particular climax or interest development. And the ending was lousy. It was soooooooo bland and tasteless.
The development of the characters was immature. Kim Ji Won is number 1 on the list. Her character development was flawful (opposite of flawless??). How could they make her her vision so blinded? Aargh, i'm glad she did not have any successful romantic lines at all, it would be terrible.

Best character goes to Lee Jong Seok. From a nobody who think he has no future with poor grades to an aspiring hard working student who enters top school successfully. Nice.

Other than that, everything else seems irritating. Baek Jin Hee for example, very poor character who thinks more for herself. I always fast forward those episodes with Baek Jin hee.

Sweet couple award goes to Park Ha Sun and Soh Ji Seok. These two are really cute to watch and the development from friends, to one sided love, to successful couple is fun to watch. Also, their sweet antics with each other melts even ice cream.

I give more credit to High Kick 1 and High Kick 2, the best being High Kick 2 although it had the worst sitcom ending. High Kick 3 is the most mellow of all the seasons.

I would give this a 7/10.

Operation Proposal
I had high high hopes for this since its genre is under Fantasy and Romance. I love Korean fantasy dramas such as 49 days and Secret Garden. So i had great expectations for this. Moreover, the star Yoo Seung Ho is pretty cute.

Blech! this was a real disappointment. I hated it. The first few episodes were quite entertaining and i thought, yes, this one should be a winner for this month.
The repetitive nature of going back and forth in time space dulled it out. And although the story line and plot is unique and good, i guess the directorship's to be blamed. It bored me to tears. They couldn't carry out the unique storyline.

Nope, this one's a failure for me, i'd give it only 4/10.

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