Apr 4, 2012

the Moon that embraces the Sun rambling

i've been watching some korean dramas lately, but so far nothing impresses me.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun

Starring (main cast):
Kim soo hyun as Lee Hwon- the King

Kim Soo Hyun did a good job here. He looks a lot better here than in Dream High. In fact, back in Dream High, i thought he looked a little too ordinary to be up as main cast. But in this drama, wow! He manages to punch an impressive marking as the King. His crying scenes are really good too. Good job soo hyun.

~~side note: i think his face and head is reaaaaaaaaallllllllly small. But surprisingly, it does not look out of proportion on his body! With that small head and face, Han Ga In looks surprisingly round like a little steamed bun next to him! haha.

Han Ga In as Heo Yeon Woo

Hmmmm, she's a pretty thing alright. But somehow i can't pinpoint on what is missing. Her acting seems a bit out as if she can't blend into the character. Nope, i think they should've cast someone else.

Jung Il Woo as Yang Myung

Jung Il Woo did a pretty good job. However, Soo Hyun was so much more impressive! Il Woo looked so much larger and even his face, looked a little like a steam bun next to Soo Hyun's small head!

I must say, the story and plot was captivating at first and had my eyes swollen from all that crying. The first 1-7 episodes were the stars of the show! Well, that's where the young cast came in and left. Once the adults played in, i am not sure why, but the appeal did not follow and i had a hesitant time trying to get through to the end.

 I love the younger cast where in they played the main cast's younger days. I could watch a whole drama with just the young cast as they played and portrayed the roles soooo well, so very well. Here are the absolute stars i'm talking about:

as young Lee Hwon, Yeo Jin Ku:

He played the young Lee Hwon so well , so well. His crying scenes were absolutely perfect!!! they'll get your bawling your soul out in no time. On the other hand, he makes you laugh and teases with much humour. And the romance he has with the young Yeon Woo is amazing, it gets your heart melting.

as young Yeon Woo, Kim Yoo Jung;

Kim Yoo Jung plays the smart, highly learned bookworm very well. And gosh, she has such good chemistry with Yeo Jin Ku, it's simply amazing!

as young Heo Yeom, ZeA's  Im Si Wan

This young actor is an absolute sight to behold! Really, another Go Mi Nam, a cute flower boy. He shines so much brighter than the adult Heo Yeom and overpowers him. Once the adult Heo Yeom appeared, the character Heo Yeom diminishes into the shadows. No more stand outs. Heo Yeom becomes a forgotten character.
Si Wan is really cute. Seems that its his first debut in acting, so his performance was somewhat stiff. Yet it delivers and amuses at the same time.

I'd give the moon that embraces the sun credit for directorship. Although the storyline and plot is not out of this world, but the directorship was pretty good. It can get a little boring at times, but still, i'm sure many out there has enjoyed given the high high ratings achieved. Seemed like this drama has been a great success drawing much attention.

I didn't enjoy it very much, only the beginning with the younger cast impressed upon me. This is one where i would not keep nor re-watch.

My personal opinion: 6/10


  1. I have the same thought as well, the first 6 episodes were daebak, after that it kinda drags on too much. Si Wan was so cute that the adult Heo yeom just looks too old for the little princess, hahahha it actually kinda pervy too. i'm enjoying rooftop prince atm. Nice to meet you.

  2. hi vivienne,
    yup, Si Wan was too cute, the adult one looks soooo old! waiting for roof top prince to finish airing then i'll attack it for sure!

    will be on the look out for more Si Wan dramas :)

  3. You totally read my mind!! haha It's surprisingly well done this feedback about the drama and the characters, I agree in every single point. I enjoyed a lot the young cast story line too, after they grow up the main cast does not meet that chemistry between them. I didn't like the girl's performance at all and the story became repetitive and boring at some points... I think this drama would be awesome with just 15 episodes, and changing the actors for Heo Yeom and the lead actress... I fell in love with Siwan and his character but as Vivienne said in the previous comment, it was kind of pervy the new actor for the oldest Heo Yeom plus his role became completely useless in the story.

    Anyway is a good drama, it's just not on my top 10...

    P.S. Rooftop Prince is awesome!!! I haven't seen another young comedy drama that I've enjoyed that much <3