Mar 25, 2012

Stuff from iHerb 2

Got more stuff for iHerb............... i just love iHerb, all natural products at the lowest possible prices and the best shipping prices and the most efficient services!! the website is fantastic too, full of wonderful reviews and testimonies.......... love love love iHerb.

And what's more FREE INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING till 31st march 2012~~ more reason to haul! haha
iHerb shopping: FIRST TIME SHOPPERS WILL GET INSTANT $5 OFF. use this code: GEH463 

Two boxes arrived in a row! yahoo.
First box

Neocell liposome Collagen+C serum -
 great stuff! texture is neither greasy nor dry. From the reviews, this stuff is potent and excellent enough to feel the effects of tightened/ skin firming and radiance in a short period of time! let's see if this stuff works...... here's the description

DGL, Now Foods, for soothing stomach irritation...................
these are lozenges and immediately upon opening, i regret big time. I thought these were pure herbs with no sugary taste etc, i wanted capsules and i got these highly sweetening lozenges. Eeew, the sweetness is unbearable and instead of soothing the stomach, i got more irritation from the sweetness of it.

Mastic gum, by Jarrow Formulas...........
for the stomach again. Stomach ulcers/ H.pylori are supposed to benefit from these...........

Marshmallow root, soothes the stomach lining.........

EO clarifying conditioner for oily hair:
Stocked up 1 bottle of non-silicone conditioner............. no cones in this one , only all goodness and natural ingredients.
There are no no-silicone conditioners in my country, if there were, they would be expensive too.

Wormwood combination:
For parasite cleansing. This is imperative for everyone and is good for detox, especially if you keep pets at home, parasite cleansing is a must!

Bought and extra bottle of Stone Free for the just-in-case days.

Freebie: 5-htp, supports good sleep and anxiety/mood disorder.

Box no. 2:

Loving brown rice milk powder....vanilla flavour. I have this everyday and no irritation/allergies from it. This is my second pack and it finishes off fast....................

Ginger organic candies. I could get it here, but it's always out of stock, so i decided to get some directly from USA. Kind of like the ginger taste minus the "hotness".

Zinc L-carnosine to soothe and protect/heal stomach lining.

Hyaluronic Acid,
 tried it today right after i tore open the box. I could feel my skin plump up in a few minutes!! or is it just my imagination??
This is great for skin! it's supposed to plump up your skin from within providing moisture, suppleness and elasticity! Good for overall joint health as well especially if you have joint pain or creaky joints.

Freebie: 1 sachet ginger tea.

Nicely wrapped in bubble wrap for more fragile items, iHerb gets all your stuff delivered in the most safest manner,!

Marine phytoplankton,
one of the most highly raved product for all time nutrition! very very high in nutritional value and supports all diseases by promoting the immune system and promoting healing.
Plus, reviews were given on how it cleared up hyperpigmentation on skin!

Skin eternal Hyaluronic Acid serum:
accidentally clicked 2 on the quantity and didn't know this until i opened the box. I was wondering why they sent me two of these.

This has the strongest most pungent scent! can cause a headache with those who have sensitive noses! but my oh my,  i used on the first night  and ,hehe, skin plumps up nicely. Kinda like these now and don't regret getting two bottles of this stuff. It works beautifully for hands too. I have dry dry dry hands and they seem to give my grandma hands and instant makeover. Feels more plumped with less dry lines. Wonder if i use it for long term, will my hands turn back to how it used to be when i was 15?

however, they do give a greasy look so i suppose i'll only use this at night. Quite happy for my first impression with the serum. I have a feeling that these might clog pores so deep pore cleansing would be necessary.

Freebie: glasses wipe cloth in white. It's so nice and white , i am hesitant to get it dusty and stained by wiping my dusty glasses with it!

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