Feb 25, 2012

iHerb shopping experience review

Heard of

They have an extensive range of health supplements and natural products ALL under 1 roof.
It's great to shop there and I have personally done all my health supplements shopping there. They even have a whole range of organic, natural skincare (yup, skin care!) and even body care products!! And all natural as can be without all those harsh chemicals, there's a wide wide range to choose from.

I am on a journey to detox my body and improve my health as i find my health deteriorating each year. I'm now slowly switching to all natural products including shampoo, skin care and body care like body moisturisers, body washes etc. And definitely health supplements! I get mine ALL there as the prices are very much cheaper and most of the items are not available in my country.


There's limited supply in my country and so I am very very very happy when i stumbled upon iHerb. What's more they have a full range of advantages that cannot be missed:
1. best overall value - really, their prices a relatively lower than other sites
2. leading brands and huge selection - yup, majority of health supplements i'm looking for, no matter niche or not, i can find it at iHerb
3. they put the expiry dates of the products up, so you can check the freshness
4. Very friendly system for ordering and no fuss at all! did not encounter any difficulties so far and all transactions are smooth.
5. Shipping - very convenient and cheap! $4 for international shipping all over the world!!!! what more can you ask for!!
6. They do have a rewards program as well.
7. Very efficient - they provide same day shipping, well almost, maybe up to 2 days.
8. Very reliable - over 16 years since 1996, iHerb has been in operation. I really like them and its my first choice for all my daily needs.

1. The only drawback is the time for the parcel to arrive. It takes up to 11-12 working days (excluding public holidays and weekends) to reach me............... very very long wait especially if I urgently need the products. You can opt for DHL which is faster but pricier. Of course, iHerb offers heavily discounted DHL shipping prices, but it's still expensive for me. I prefer the cheapest $4 for shipping.

I'll be posting up some of my hauls from iHerb so stay tuned......................... so far i've gotten a large number of supplements like liver supports ones, detoxifying ones, immune system boosters, protein drinks/powders, etc.

I've also gotten some organic/all natural skin care as i know the whatever i put on my skin will get absorbed into my system, so yeah, i've changed my entire skin care routine and products already. Learn to read the labels/ingredients list, very important! Know what you are putting into your body. You may not need to go to this extent but i have a need to because of my health. I'm on a journey to heal myself.

The Korean skin care that i've been using in the past is not to say bad, but i can't read the ingredients so it's better to leave them out. Some of them do contain the conventional parabens and other chemicals more so than the natural/organic products.

So yeah, let's go on a journey to detoxify the body! i'll post up my iHerb hauls here............. no worries.


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