Jan 4, 2012

Ohui the First Essence: short rambling

Intro to Ohui The First line:

OHUI’s top premium skincare created with state-of-the-art bio-science technology
StemSP, which stimulates the skin’s mother cells, has been developed to rejuvenate the skin.
OHUI The First, a basic skin care line by OHUI, turns aged skin like that of a baby by stimulating the skin’s mother cells. They contain key ingredients that rejuvenate the skin, including stemSP, which is structured similarly to human growth hormones, and Pycnogenol.

A key ingredient of OHUI The First is stemSP, which is a protein that stimulates the skin’s mother cells. Although the skin has only 3% stemSP, it is important in stimulating the skin’s stem cells, which form 90% of the skin.

StemSP plays a critical role in maintaining the skin’s homeostasis and metabolism and helps the skin restore its health and youth on its own.

In addition, OHUI The First contains Pycnogenol, one of the world’s top three natural antioxidants. Extracted from pine bark indigenous to the pristine French coastal region, it is an antioxidant known to be ten times more effective than vitamin E.

Today i'm gonna ramble on one of the products in this line, which i think is the main core product of the entire line:


Unfortunately i do not have the ingredients list but this item contains the revolutionary rHSCP (recombinant Human Stem Cell Protein). It is combined with skin metabolism stimulants like EGF and FGF to increase density and elasticity to aging areas. The highly enriched essence tightly pulls together skin texture to help skin quickly returns to its young and healthy state.

At first i did not care for the texture of the essence, after a few hours or so, i felt my face getting slight oiliness.

However, on first use i could feel a difference in my skin texture already. I put in on the first night and the next morning, my skin felt smooth to the touch! No irritation whatsoever.
I stopped using it after a few trials, because i felt it didn't do much for my skin. Skin did not brighten it still look a tad dull, skin did not plump up like while i was using the Whoo's Hwanyugo, skin was just normal looking. The only positive factor seemed to be no irritation and skin was smooth to the touch. However, you  can't tell the smoothness unless you feel/touch the skin.

Then i started breaking out all over my jaw line and chin. The breakout even started spreading to my cheeks. I've never had much of a break out, maybe occasionally but never with this continuous non-stop jaw line acne. It was painful and irritating and nothing seemed to work on it, not the benzoyl peroxides, not the BHA or AHAs.... nothing. They just pop out one after another. It was ugly.

I didn't know what's gotten into my face that cause the onslaught of acne and it was so sudden it took me by surprise. It also upset me a lot because i've never faced with so much acne before. It was terrifying.
I tried every single cream/serum/ etc in my possession for acne and in desperation i reached for Ohui's The First essence as my very last try before i go to a dermatologist. I slapped in on my face and my jaw line at night, it calmed the irritating acne and it didn't itch that much.

The next morning when i woke up, i was astounded. My jaw line acne has not only calmed down, in fact it has stopped erupting, stopped growing. I was so excited and continued with the essence for up to 5nights. To my amazement, my existing acne flattened out, each and every one of them, they turned brown and is no longer red or filled with pus. I also didn't have any new acne forming nor popping out! hurray! my nightmare is over!!

My skin has calmed down within 1 week of use of the essence. This stuff is amazing . PERIOD. Now it's back to my normal skin again albeit still with the sensitivities. At least i don't have that horrendous onslaught of acne anymore.

You've gotta try this, and to every female (and males too!) suffering from some sort of acne, get this!! it's a MUST! not a must try, but a MUST HAVE!

Small warning though: it can be a little tacky in humid hot weather and it made my skin oily after some time, but the pros far outweigh the cons!! that's why i only use it at night.

Rating: 10/10!!


  1. Hi! Came across your blog when I'm looking into some kr pdt reviews. May I know where are you from? Singapore? Malaysia? Or?

    I like your reviews, give me a good guide line of Kr beauty pdts. Perhaps it will be good for you to put in one more label~10/10! Hahaha...right to the dote!

    Im in singapore, I didn't know can buy direct from Gmarket Kr, just registered, still new there.

    May I ask the rates indicated next to WON is in USD$ or?!

    How did you consolidate all orders and sent to you in 1 carton box?

    Is it more cheaper to buy from Gmkt Korea than Gmkt Singapore?

    Thanks! Love your reviews, keep it up! ^_^

  2. hi Xulyy,
    i'm in malaysia. Oh yes, it's 10/10 alright.
    yup u can buy direct, indicated in both wons and US$. U don't have to consolidate, Gmarket will send your orders in 1 box. I'm not sure about Gmarket s'pore prices though.
    thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Hii, your blog is useful, i want to try it out since i have acne prone skin, do you use the whole set of Ohui The FIrst? or you just use the cell revolution essence only?

    THanks, love your review and update us more on it!

    1. hi, when i was using it, i used the whole set.

      thanks for visiting.