Feb 25, 2012

No Poo update 2: success!!

Continued from No Poo update 1:

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Success!! I finally  made it!! finally finally finally. After approximately 3 months of struggle with grimy hair, i'm now able to be poo free. I now use just baking soda on my hair and if i'm not lazy , i'll use the vinegar as conditioner. I hardly do vinegar rinses because it is time consuming due to the fact you have to rinse rinse and rinse. And also it adds "oiliness" to my very greasy hair.

Sometimes i would use a non-SLS shampoo or shampoo bar because they are far more convenient. Just lather up and go instead of the the baking soda where you have to carefully get it into your scalp section by section to make sure the entire scalp is covered.

I would also use a non-silicone conditioner for convenience, but over here, i can't get any no-silicone conditioners, so i get mine from iHerb. (PS:  PROMOTION CODE TO GET $5 OFF: GEH463)

Check out my iHerb shopping experience: iHerb shopping experience

I'm so glad to have finally pulled through! yeah! after months of struggling with  terrible hair.

My hair now looks washed and feels and looks normal after a baking soda shampoo. I can go a day in between without having to shampoo but not when i'm majorly sweaty like after exercise or even after a day in the kitchen trying to cook.

If any Asian is trying to go no poo, even in our hot climate this is manageable. Go for it!
In any case if you want to know why i'm going no poo, check out my first post on it: shampoo-wary-noo-poo-for-your-hair

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