Oct 15, 2011

Gmarket haul 12

Gmarket haul 12~~!! tadah.....
i had so much i wanted to purchase but i could not purchase them all.
**Please note that i got this haul almost at the same time as haul 11 .

Gmarket EMS box, crushed down again! Such soft board material.

From coreana , eco36.9 nokdu pure mask, 5 sheets. I've used this before and found it quite good for me. It has a neck area mask sheet too.

These masks are not for those with oily skin/combi-oily skin types. It is highly sticky but i find it very moisturising, great for my dehydrated skin. Skin feels more plumped and lubricated after each use. Not bad.
However, the manufacturing date on these seem to backdate till 2009!!! i wonder if i've been scammed!
but when i opened one sheet of mask to use, it feels fine, looks fine, smells fine, and works fine too! so i'll quickly get these 5 sheets over and done with.

I got some su:m 37 wrinkle correctors, a large bunch of 'em.

The texture is very very creamy . Colour is yellowish like retinol creams. I tried to search for active ingredients, but found none. So i wonder is this has retinol in it.
This one is not for oily skin types. It is very creamy in texture! it even feels a little on the heavy side and leaves a greasy look. So only for dry and normal skin types.

More from sooryehan. The bichaek pure whitening essence:

A pearly white serum :
Feels pretty on my skin. No adverse irritation of drying out of skin. i'm liking it. Let's see if this works like whoo's jinaek program...........

History of whoo's Hwanyugo. 2 pretty gold embossed boxes. they have this look of stature and luxury........ aren't they pretty?

Texture is as expected, highly luxurious!

Samples from the seller, actually, i got them mixed up so i'm not sure which seller these came from.

This seller had a cute sense when sending samples. She stapled one ohui sunscience sunblock on a piece of pink paper. The sad thing is i did not understand the writing on it at all.

Sooryehan's Soo's chunsam sanghwang set:

Very pretty packaging, and makes me feel all high-classed. The essence, eye cream and face cream.

Manufacturing date of 2011 may, that's great! very recently manufactured.

This is a view on the essence, both pic taken at different times of the day with different amounts pumped out:
1. day time small amount pumped out.
 2. night time larger amount pumped out:
The colour of the essence is yellow with a cream texture. The texture is very very rich and it even proved a little too rich for my dehydrated skin type. I could not use the serum and the cream together. The serum is more like a cream for me so i can entirely skip the face cream.
The face cream is very rich too. I find it too rich for me. Perhaps this line is more for those in their 40s and above.

Here's the chunsam sanghwang cream. Looks like a paste and is yellow beige in colour. This one must be melted in your palm or between your fingers before you can apply it. If not you'll look like a grease ball in no time.

A box of collagen hydrogel eye patches. comes in a set of 5.

This doesn't work very well. Will not repurchase.

Stuff from Re:nk. I've just tried these and have now fallen in love with re:nk!! i'm definitely gonna get more re:nk products to try, the texture and absorbality is great.

Their Face up lifting line. The serum in samples of 5ml tubes.

Texture is a transparent serum, easy to spread, quite light and its absorb-ability is good.

Re:nk's face up lifting cream in 3 tubes of 5ml.

The texture of the cream is light and easily absorbed. Very nice cream. Feels good on the face. It's light weight and more for my less dehydrated days.

20ml sized Re:nk time lab softerner. The toner from the time lab series. Very good texture and provides ample moisturisation, perfect for my dehydrated skin. It's almost like the hadalabo toner where the texture is thicker than normal toners and not as liquid. It takes awhile to be absorbed thought. and the fragrance is a little strong. I did not like the smell of it.

From sidmool: another bottle of their Gold Lift Mela Bye SVC 20.
It's a vitamin C serum with gold powder in it.

you can see the gold powder in the dropper:

20% Vitamin C serum with gold and CoQ10 added. This is not for oily skin as the texture can be sticky. But i find it pretty good as it makes skin bouncier.

Sidmool is very generous with samples and i got a whole lot of it. The bad thing is that their samples are written only in Korean so i have a hard time trying to know what is what.

 sidmool Mask sheets, 5 of them from sidmool, all free.

A whole load of other sidmool samples and even a full sized tube of product , all Free! So very generous of them.

The full sized tube is a water gel: Nano platinum mineral water/aloe. For all skin types . 100ml

Nicely sealed for hygiene purposes:

Texture is a clear gel, like aloevera gel.

These samples are from a different seller, i think the one from Re:nk. Again, i have no idea what these are as the packages have no english for me to decipher the contents.

This one is a sample from the sooryehan seller. Camellia body cleanser.

Well that's all for now.............. til the next time of gmarket hauls........toodles.


  1. How do you like The History of whoo's Hwanyugo line? I guess I have similar skin condition like you. I had bad reaction from using SK-II product. I tried Sulwhasoo Extra Refining Cream, not bad but not really full absorb to my skin. The History of Whoo product not bother your sensitive- dry skin? Thank you for your blog.

  2. hi anon,
    wow ! we do have similar skin type! i'm so happy that some1 shares my frustration on skin care... hehe.
    u are right, history of whoo is a bother for my sensitive-dehydrated skin. I don't think i can use the whitening seol line. Sulwhasoo had bad reaction on my skin and even hannule.
    the extra refining cream just sat on my skin and never absorbed, just like you.
    Guess what? i love love love the hwanyugo line! i'm crazy over it. It soothes and relieves my dehydrated skin and seriously, very good. It absorbs well too. i really wanted to do a review on it, but i think it's too early to put up a review. so later after i finish all the samples up perhaps.
    But the bad thing is the availability. I'm so unhappy that it is so rare and difficult to purchase plus the price is a killer to upkeep. I am in search of something that can replace hwanyugo so at least it can be a keeper in my skin care routine. this one just screams "no" i can't be in your routine. very sad indeed.

  3. Hi beu-tilicious,

    Thanks for answering my question. I'm looking forward to read your full review of Hwanyugo line. I'm so happy that I found your blog with very similar skin type like me. Thanks again, really appreciated.

  4. Hi! I just found your blog as you are the top bloggers of Oct 2011. It's so great you are sharing the products in details. Just wanna know why you are so familiar with those brand name? Many of them are not heard before like re:nk.
    Oh... almost forgot say "Congratulation"!

  5. hello kathy,
    thank you for visiting :)
    oh maybe i watch too much korean dramas. Re:nk was featured in "can you hear my heart" strongly.

  6. I see :)
    Have you heard of Lirikos?
    I want to know more about it but only find the official website with Korean.
    I can't read. Can you introduce me websites for the information?
    Thanks a lot!

  7. hi kathy,
    yup, seen lirikos around but i've never tried it.

  8. Nevermind...
    May I ask for some advices?
    Any product for wrinkles you recommended?
    I just find a small one recently :(
    Thank you very much!

  9. hi kathy,
    how about retinol? you can try iope's famous retinol nx or tx. i've not tried those myself though.

  10. Thank you very much for your reviews, I read them all !
    I'm interested in the Gold serum by Sidmool but I'm desperately searching for an ingredient list; do you by chance have a clear picture of the packaging where it shows the ingredients ? Sorry for disturbing and thank you !

  11. hi jun jae, i don't have the full list, just the actives listed on the bottle: gold powder,l-ascorbic acid 20%, alpha-bisabolol, CO-Q10. Hope that helps.

  12. Hi ~ thank you very much for your help !