Nov 9, 2011

korean bb cream review: skin food red Bean BB cream

I've recently used this bb cream for a short while now and i think it deserves a review. Comes in a red bean coloured tube with a red bean pod at the front. 45ml tube.

SPF20PA+. A hydrating bb cream with red beans that nourishes and moisturises rough skin while providing natural yet flawless coverage., even when applied in a thin layer.
 I have this in light beige shade #1.

Here's a swatch:

The colour is pretty light. But it blended into my skin well and it made my skin fair and even toned without looking like a geisha. I liked the fairness it brought to my skin tone. And the natural glow and slight dewy-ness  looks good too. This BB cream is really good for evening out skin tones.

On days that i wear this, i felt my skin produces less oil. Either it hydrates very well to leave my skin less oily, or its oil absorbing properties is very good. As my skin is dehydrated and at times dry, i really love this bb cream. I am baffled that something that moisturises well can also at the same time, reduce my skin's oiliness. This bb cream is amazing!
Usually, those bb creams for oily skin pulls and dries out my skin making it feel irritated. And those bb creams for dry skin makes my skin ooze oil like a fry pan. This hydrating bb cream is really amazing. It can soothe my dry skin and at the same time control the oiliness! Very good.

I'm really loving this bb cream for its entirety:
1. soothes dehydration
2. controls oiliness
3. evens out skin tone very very well
4. brings out natural fairness unlike a geisha

what's not to love???

the only thing is coverage, perhaps. It does not conceal blemishes very well, so this is more for those with not-much-blemish-to-cover skin.
Those with good even skin will find this a joy to use to make skin look even brighter, more natural and dewy. This item is great for dehydrated/dry skin.

This is my current favourite bb cream taking top spot, first runner up is berrisom's skin recovery blemish balm which i have done a review on. In my opinion, Skinfood's bb cream is more moisturising than berrisom's.

rating: 9/10

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