Nov 10, 2011

Gmarket haul 13

Time for another haul?
haha, too many hauls. Maybe it's coming year end and the festive mood is around the corner.
Aaargh, i'm actually lagging in posting up my hauls............i have been very busy and keep delaying my haul posts. So this haul is not as current/recent as it should be, probably two weeks or even more in backlog.

EMs box, one sturdy one this time, no crushes visible.
Always excited when a box like this arrives, like a child all tingly and happy opening a surprise present!

What's inside? Oh, a whole load of stuff and more~~
I decided to plunge into Ohui for the time being and got their The First series. Have seen plenty of good reviews on this range and am tempted to try it out too. Got some samples from the range.

The First cell revolution eye cream, sachets:

The First cell revolution essence:

The First Cell revolution night serum:

The First Cell Revolution Cream:

The cream is rather thick with a yellow tint to it:
I find the First series a rather thick consistency. The eye cream and cream feels the same; both are thick and a little difficult to spread. Even the essence is of the same consistency. The only one that feels different is the night serum. The night serum is like a liquid serum with a slightly brown tint. This one is much easier to spread and feels good on skin, very moisturising. Nice.

Some samples from the seller:

More from History of Whoo:
This time it is the History of whoo Hwa Hyun set. I am in love with the Hwanyu series however, it is beyond my scope to maintain in my skin care. It is expensive and difficult to obtain. So i'm trying out the Hwa Hyun series to see if it can sort of "replace" the prestigious Hwanyu series.

3 piece inside: 8ml essence, 10ml eye cream, and 10ml face cream. Aren't the bottles a joy to behold? They look so elegant and beautiful.

The Hwa hyun Cream: Thick in consistency almost like a paste.

The Hwa hyun eye cream: wow, can you see the glitters in this?? it looks exotic.

The Hwa Hyun Essence: easy to spread and highly moisturising.

It comes with a little envelope-like booklet :

With english description for each item in the range.

Instructions on product usage:

Ohui's quite recent launch: Black serum.

"Every moment of every day our skin cells are attacked by excessive free radicals produced in out skin by various environmental irritants such as UV light, air pollution, stress etc. Ohui black serum eliminates such harmful free radicals , prevents damage to skin cells and actively heads off the skin-aging process."

Sounds very promising indeed! will give this a go once i'm done with the cell power no. 1 essence.

The colour of this is black! it's a black serum.

Re:nk stuff!!

First off, the UV perfect daily suncream spf 35pa+

A white suncream. Unfortunately it caused a reaction on my sensitive skin so alas, this doesn't work for me.

Silky fit essential bb cream spf 30 Pa++. such a small tube.

The swatch. Looks light but once blended in you can't detect anything! it's too sheer. A no-no for me.

Re:nk's star cell luminous real white serum:

White serum, easy to spread and moisturises well. Not bad.

Re:nk's wrinkle time lab line:
Time lab wrinkle energy eye revitalizer

Time lab wrinkle energy cream:

Time lab wrinkle energy serum.

Re:nk cell luminous spot corrector.

It's weird that the spot corrector feels and looks exactly the same as the luminous serum. It's so similar i cannot tell difference once poured into the hand. I wonder if a mistake has been made and the spot corrector is actually the luminous serum wrongly packed in the spot corrector packaging ??

Some samples given by the seller:

also bought some of IOPE's hydro intensive mask sheets.

Have you tried Re:nk? what are your thoughts on this line?


  1. where do you buy the re:nk samples in gmarket?

  2. hi couchpotato_md,
    i bought them before Gmarket stopped selling samples. The links i have are no longer working.

  3. is the hwa hyun eye cream?does it erase the dark circle? Thank you.